Emotional Intelligence is a priceless skill in the workplace, and the reasons for these are not far-fetched.

Any one who has risen through the ranks of their career will tell you for a fact that one of the things that helped them was their ability to navigate the politics of the workplace.

Any where you have human beings, there is bound to be power-play, scheming, mudslinging, lobbying and the likes. EI, to a large extent, helps you stir the political ships of the workplace, unscathed.

Also, human beings are social beings, and this plays out repeatedly in the workplace. We…

If you will excel at your workplace, emotional intelligence (EI) has become not just a nice-to-have skill but a need-to-have skill.

The increasing use of teams is one of the reasons why EI is now a critical skill. There is literally nothing you can achieve single-handedly. You have to work with one or more persons, collaborate and manage the opinions and perspectives of other people. As a leader, you must be able to sense and understand the viewpoints of everyone around the table in arriving at a decision, and this is one of the fulcra on which EI rests.


Peace Bamidele

Education Development & Project Management Consultant | Soft Skills Coach | Social & Emotional Learning Advocate www.linkedin.com/in/peacebamidele

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