The 3 Justifications for Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence is a priceless skill in the workplace, and the reasons for these are not far-fetched.

Any one who has risen through the ranks of their career will tell you for a fact that one of the things that helped them was their ability to navigate the politics of the workplace.

Any where you have human beings, there is bound to be power-play, scheming, mudslinging, lobbying and the likes. EI, to a large extent, helps you stir the political ships of the workplace, unscathed.

Also, human beings are social beings, and this plays out repeatedly in the workplace. We all desire to connect, relate, and interact with others. We like some people more than others. We form parties, groups, and factions that advance our interest. A novice in these matters who lacks requisite social skills is soon drowned in the ocean of his/her ignorance.

Lastly is the fact that people are psychological beings. Different people think differently. Every one has different personalities, peculiarities, idiosyncracies, mannerisms, quirks, oddities and eccentricities. For example, a worker who is irritated by the particular way her boss likes tasks reported will frequently encounter a clash of perspectives with her boss.

EI trains our feet to be firm in the quicksand of the political, social and psychological tenseness of the workplace.

This week, give EI a try.

I’m happy to help.


Education Development & Project Management Consultant | Soft Skills Coach | Social & Emotional Learning Advocate